What are your hours?
We are open Wednesday- Saturday for regular business and Monday - Tuesday by special request only and for orders over $200.

How long will my order stay fresh?
Your order will taste best on the day it was delivered but can also be consumed the next day. Most fruit and crackers will not hold up much longer than that and may need to be replaced

How much time in advance do I need to order?
Graze boxes and cups require 24 hours notice
Graze boards require 2 days notice
Graze tables require 7 days
*Occasionally we will have items for immediate sale on our social media pages.
*We recommend getting your order in early for holidays as those days tend to fill up fast and may be limited

Do you deliver?
Yes, we charge $12 for delivery within a 10 mile radius of our Lynden and Bellingham locations and $16 within a 20 mile radius. Please choose delivery time from 10am-12 pm or 3:30 pm-5:30 pm. All orders are available for pick up at The Green Barn in Lynden WA. 211 Birch Bay Lynden Rd.

Do I need to return boards?
Yes, all boards should be returned clean within 72 hours and arrangements made prior to event. A $50 deposit will be required and returned when board is returned. Boards can be returned to 1919 Eldridge Ave in Bellingham or Lynden Green Barn
211 Birch Bay Lynden Rd in Lynden.

Do I need to refrigerate my cheese box or board?
Yes, please refrigerate your product until you are ready to serve and enjoy. Cheese and meats should not be left out for more than two hours. Please leave a cooler out if you will not be home at time of delivery.

What about food allergies?
Our kitchen is not allergen free and products should not be consumed by someone with allergies. However, we do offer gluten free crackers upon request.

Where and how is your food prepared?
Our food is prepared in a certified commercial kitchen and great care is taken to ensure the safety of our product from preparation to delivery.

Is your business insured?
Yes, our business is insured.